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For OBS 26.x, use Homebrew: 'brew install obs'. For OBS 27.x, build OBS from source using the mainstream instructions". The script creates a .dmg.zip file and then stops. I created a script that installs an M1-optimized version of OBS 27.x on your Mac.

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Fix Crackling or Garbled Sound By Killing Core Audio. Crackling or stuttering audio is a problem that plagued many around the launch of OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" in late 2013. If you have issues with your sound and you're still running Mavericks, upgrading your Mac to a newer version of its operating system is a good idea.May 26, 2020 · Possibly some audio latency on machine, maybe could be fixed with some kernel setting or similar, or maybe ffmpeg parameter. I might test it later, but some things prevent me from testing it, maybe someone else can do that. What I wanted to do: stream from my machine using obs, lowest latency of course, check the stream, no noise as kinda expected The crackling sound are only in outputs. I tried switching my headphones, but that didn't work. I will try it one more time and I will also try to change my output setup (like change B1 with B2 and that stuff) and I will be back shortly.

Jan 04, 2018 · This free utility can send the video of the desktop, an application or window as an NDI stream to the network, with audio included for many system configurations. For those who wish add a camera on the player and perhaps even one on the commentator, you can do that via the network as well, rather than resort to a capture card and dedicated ...