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The only actuator in the system is the DC motor. The rotary arm is driven by the DC motor where electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, the torque to move it. The angular motion of the rotary arm gives energy to the pendulum to swing up and maintain stable at vertical upright position. Aiming at the characteristic of nonlinear and natural unsteadiness in rotary inverted pendulum system. This kind of system uses the DSP TMS320F28335 of TI as the control and testing core of this system, adopts DC motor JGB37-3530 and motor drive L298, high precision potentiometer WDY35D4 as sample controller.

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watch this Hermle quartz clock movement. it showes an action of rotating pendulum drive. this could help for fix some movement issues, like this one: it was ...Figure 1 below shows a sketch of a simple pendulum. A simple pendulum consists of a bob of a mass attached to a cord of length that can freely oscillate in the gravitational field. The simple pendulum is a simplified model of a number of real-life systems. More about this will be explained in future lectures.

The ratchet mechanism used to convert pendulum motion into rotary motion had to be designed to accommodate this variation in pendulum swing angle. By varying the pulse width, the clock can be sped up or slowed down about 1%. The pendulum needs to be manually adjusted, by setting the height of the bob, to within this tolerance.The QNET 2.0 Rotary Pendulum board consists of a direct-drive DC motor mounted vertically in a solid aluminum frame and a pendulum suspended on a horizontal axis at the end of an L-shaped arm. The arm is connected to the motor shaft and pivots between ±180 degrees.