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Jan 26, 2021 · pairing: Saiki Kusuo x reader . warning: I wrote this when my brain was slowly shutting down from bad sleep and school stress so I hope that it’s not as bad as I think it is. Summary: you were being annoying, but that is one of the reasons that Saiki Kusuo loved you.

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Posted: (4 days ago) Honkai/ Genshin Impact Lemons 18+ (Various Females x Male Reader) by desmon457. You get into some weird and frisky situations with some of the females from Genshin /Honkai Impact. These one-shots will eventually be made into a bigger story. Your vision is Dendro in Genshin and in Honkai, you're a …. Related Items. Stray kids reactions; αиgєℓ ιи ∂єνιℓ'ѕ ϲℓοτнιиg - { ϐακυgο κατѕυκι ϰ ƒєм! яєα∂єя } { οмєgανєяѕє αυ }

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Anonymous said: Hey. What about a yandere Carol x fem!reader, maybe Carol being surprised when reader says she's loves Carol and gCarol getting all excited and giddy and showing her the house she had...Apr 18, 2021 · My love. I’ll come back and we shall be together… forever”, she said and started to walk towards the door. Tears rolled down your cheek. She then turned back and said,“I dont want to make you cry my love. But…. Don’t even think of escaping because…. ill find you anyway. Oh by the way, I’m Robin”.

Original Resolution: 352x550; Jjba X Male Reader Lemons Noriakikakyoin666 Wattpad Yandere matt x male abused reader x yandere archie (part 2 final).. 352x550 - If you don't know what yandere means, it's a term for anime characters who are obsessed with their crush to the point where they'll stalk them/do creepy and before you lovelies attack me by saying ohh chara's suppose to be genderless, i ...Yandere! Tony x Reader. •Tony finds you absolutely adorable and loves the idea of being able to tell you what to do. •He can be a bit snarky but he mainly does it just to get a reaction from you, he finds you so entertaining. •Tony spoils you rotten, sending you gifts just about every single day whether you know it's him or not.Yandere Blue Angel x Male Shy Reader (P1) Five Nights At Senran Kagura Ultimate Lustful Night (1) F**k the backpack kid. Five Nights At Senran Kagura-Ultimate Lustful Night (2) Yandere Miyabi x Male Shy Reader x Yandere Yumi part.2. Five Nights At Senran Kagura Ultimate Lustful Nights (3)- The Game Has Begun.